Colorado Home Renovation

When we moved to Nederland, Colorado we had a debate over what house to buy. Dave wanted to buy in an established neighborhood, walking distance to town and the elementary school. Jess wanted to buy a lot a build.

There were advantages to both strategies. Dave’s strategy meant we could move in much sooner and get established, but we would likely have to renovate. Jess’ strategy meant we could get exactly what we wanted, but we would have to wait.

We bought an existing house in a great neighborhood (in the mountains southern exposure is a selling feature). But that meant renovations. We started with the small stuff (bathroom and laundry room update) and now we are going big and multi-phased. So hold our beers and watch this.


Dave, Jess, Alex, and Evan

Who is Evan? Our newest addition! He was born in late 2018 (he was a large reason of the posting hiatus). Yes, we are doing this remodel with an infant. On second thought, pass those beers back. We are going to need them.

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