Why did we start this blog? Why does anyone really? Our main reasons was to share our adventures with family and friends as we traveled to different parts of the country; a way to consolidate and expand upon all those Facebook posts. In a moment of extreme vanity, we also thought a distantly connected acquaintance, perhaps even a stranger, will stumble upon our blog and be interested. Perhaps that person will even find useful information that could be applied to their own RV adventures.

As we hit lulls in our RV travels, we will look to post home brew recipes (something many of our friends will appreciate more) and home improvement projects. Anything we can do to help guide people to the decision of it would be cheaper and easier to buy the beer or just hire out the task.

The goal is to keep the RV travel diary up to date as we travel; this has been determined to be highly unrealistic with data coverage holes, exhaustion, and beer drinking. The new goal is to get previous trips retro-blogged and future trips posted within a couple of days. Currently (as of mid-January 2016) any RV modification, home brew, or home improvement projects will cover activities ranging back to 2010. We hope to be clear with what happened when.

Happy reading.

Dave, Jess, and Alex

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