The Travelers

We are a family of 6, totaling 18 legs. How do we each average 3 legs? It helps that we count the three dogs as family.

DieselDaveDave: With a degree in economics, Dave has worn many different career hats from general contractor, IT specialist and realtor. All of which proved to be very useful when we remodeled and then sold our home. Dave will be the main driver of the RV/trailer combo on our journeys and hopes to learn how to weld while Jess is in school. Dave is an avid motorcyclist, a hobby that has been neglected with the chaos of child rearing and house selling.




10387545_10202695708504097_3844549838958351593_nJess: A biochemist by training, Jess has become disenchanted with the politics of modern day publicly traded corporations. So she quit her job in order to take the Brew Masters Course offered by the UC Davis Extension. If all goes well and exams are passed, she will have her professional certificate in June of 2016. What happens next remains to be seen!





AlexChairAlex: Our mischievous little imp, Alex, loves to travel! If he sees the RV or car, he wants in and is ready to go. Except when we really need Alex to get into the car; let the wrestling match begin. Alex also loves music! Anything with a good beat, and our little boy starts dancing. He is especially fond of classic rock and the Beastie Boys.


IMG_20150709_185515142_HDR (2) Penny: A black lab boxer mix has the perpetual look of a lab puppy, Penny gets away with everything because of her super soft ears. Knocked off of the top spot in the house by Alex’s arrival, she has learned that toddlers are a continuous source of dropped food and are good playmates. Penny thinks RV travel is just fine because there is a couch to lay on.

Chewie: A brown shelter dog, Chewie is a world class puppy proctologist. Don’t stop short around Chewie, you just might find a puppy nose up your butt. Chewie a bit of an anxious traveler, but tolerates it because she likes us so much. Her favorite spot to ride in the RV is sitting between the front seats to ensure that she doesn’t miss anything.

BIMG_20150711_161617377uster: A miniature long-haired dachshund, Buster’s world was turned upside down first with the arrival of Penny, then Chewie and finally Alex. He likes to go on big dog adventures and doesn’t mind RV travel as long as his bed is tucked away somewhere safe. Buster wishes he was a bigger dog, but his stature makes it easier for him to grab food Alex drops under tables and chairs.

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