Magic 8 Ball Says: Reply hazy, try again

It has been a long time between posts. Jess has had her nose deep in the books studying for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Diploma in Brewing Exams, all while searching for a job. Which means Dave has been busy wrangling Alex, the dogs, and running a household. Alex is getting the itch to travel and is always very excited to see Abby or take a ride in the car. Little does he know, we will soon be on the road again.

Alex is very happy to pay Abby a visit at the storage facility.

With the UC Davis Extension Master Brewers Program in its penultimate week and Jess still unemployed, the question is ‘what next?’. What we know for sure is that we will take about 2 weeks to travel around California before our lease is up. After that we will pack up our trailer and head to Colorado, where we have a solid lead on a rental.

It is after this point the Magic 8 Ball’s reply gets a little hazy. If Jess finds employment, a routine will be established and we will settle in to that. If Jess is still unemployed, we will take the opportunity to travel. Perhaps up to Banff, down to Washington, Oregon, and then back to Colorado. The future is unwritten, but we at least have an outline.

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