National Parks Passport Book

Cover of the National Parks Passport book.

Jess purchased a National Parks Passport book and may have the beginnings of a slight obsession in obtaining cancellations at a variety of parks, monuments, historic sites, and recreation areas. Since she also does a majority of the trip routing, Dave has been subjected to her various whims to obtain the next cancellation; he is starting to question the trip routes.

While the route planning has become slightly circuitous, we have been seeing national monuments, recreation areas, historic sites and parks that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered. These places, such as Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Historic Site, have increased our understanding of our country’s history. We have also enjoyed some beautiful scenery as we have traveled a bit off the beaten path.

Since we purchased the book after the great westward move, cancellations from that trip and all previous trips are absent. This just means we will have to revisit some amazing parks, like Big Bend National Park.

The Collector’s Edition is nice, but for the rigors of travel, the Explorer version would have been the more robust choice. The Explorer is a binder style, so additional pages can be added; the Collector’s Edition cannot be added to.

Cancellations and stamps for the Western region.
Cancellations and stamps for the Western region.

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