The Money Pit

Almost a year to the day after closing on the sale of our (former) house in Delaware, we closed on the purchase of our new house in Nederland, CO. Nederland, or Ned, is a quirky mountain town west of Boulder. We fell in love with the old-fashioned community spirit and ease of access for outdoor activities.

Our new abode
View from the deck.

Our new house is within walking distance to the elementary school and town. On a south facing slope, we get fantastic sun that warms the house up quite nicely

This putting down roots seems a bit counter intuitive to our travel. We have a home base now, and while the house is move in ready, there are some changes we are going to make to improve the living space for our family.

So what does that mean? Poor Abby’s make over has been put on the back burner for a bit. She at least has her new brakes to go up and down the mountain, but her interior is slightly deconstructed as the re-upholstery projects are now in a holding pattern. Another reason for the delay is the neighborhood HOA of our rental in Loveland. Simply put, they are extremely strict and one of our neighbors has the association on speed dial. We can’t risk yet another violation because Abby was parked in the driveway 5 minutes to long.

What about the beer? We are spending weekends up at the Nederland house, and don’t have a brew space up there yet. A brew shed has been promised for sometime in the future . . . but the future is not near at this time. So no brewing blogs either.

However, we will be blogging about home renovations! You can follow along as we tear apart a perfectly serviceable house to improve areas like the laundry room and master bath. If things go well, we hope to undertake a ‘big dig’ next year.

The laundry room - first room to be renovated!
The laundry room – first room to be renovated!

Best thing about following someone else’s renovation – you don’t have to live with the dirt, dust, and general chaos.

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