Day 7: 01/02/2016 -Addison, TX

Destination: Addison, TX

Route: US-190E, FM-356N, TX-19N, US-287N, US-175W, I-635N

Mileage: 213


We are off to see more family! Dave has many cousins in the area of Addison, TX so this trip is the perfect opportunity to stop by and say hi. We haven’t seen them since Alex was 6 months old, and he is almost 19 months now.

We opt to take the scenic route on this leg on the advice of Dave’s cousin Jodi. She warned us the drivers on I-35 can be very aggressive and since we cannot travel near the speed limit, it is best to take the roads less traveled. During this leg, the rigidity of our schedule is exposed. We passed an interesting looking petting zoo and thought about stopping for Alex. Since we have make time and have a fixed deadline for arriving in California, we can’t take the fun diversions.

AbbyCourtyardMarriottWe stop at the Courtyard Marriott on Proton Drive. We have stayed here before as hotel guests due to the great location – a few blocks away from family, next to a green space park, and a large, empty parking lot (this was less important when we flew into Dallas). We debate on just parking the RV and waiting for someone to say something, or asking. We opt to ask. Dave goes in and a few minutes later comes out – we are okay to stay! Perhaps it really isn’t guerrilla camping if you ask, but better than a knock on the door after Alex is asleep.

We fill up our water tank, do some laundry, and enjoy some pizza with family before settling in for the night. Even the dogs had some fun at the fenced, off-leash dog park that is part of the green space next to the hotel. All creatures are happy!

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