Day 9 & 10: 01/04 & 01/05/2016 – Kerrville, TX

Destination: Kerrville, TX

Route: I-30W, US-67S, TX-220, US-281S, US-84W, US-183S, TX-16S

Mileage: 296


What happened to Day 8? It was a rest day where we spent more time catching up with family.

The past few days have not detailed any huge amount of westward progress. We are further west than when were on Day 7, we have been putting on some extra miles ping ponging north and south of the ideal route.

What takes us to Kerrville? Family! Dave’s family is not just limited to the Dallas area, they are spread through the southwest.

The drive to Kerrville was uneventful. Upon arriving Dave’s cousins Jim and Donna graciously put us up in their casita. The dogs are thrilled to have a yard to run around in. We tuck the RV next to Jim and Donna’s garage and enjoy a delicious steak dinner and Alex eats his weight in asparagus.

The next day (Day 8) we tour the area with Jim and Donna. Texas hill country is beautiful and would be wonderful to visit in the February/March time frame in order to avoid the heat of summer. More laundry is done – sheets, towels and other bulkier items that is was too much of a hassle to take care of in Addison.

Alex got to see his very first horse and pony up close and personal. Jim and Donna’s granddaughter was kind enough to let Alex visit her equine friends. Alex seems to enjoy the horses, despite consistently mooing at them. We need to work on the many types of animal other than cow. Alex also delighted in seeing blackbuck antelope. There was a herd near the horse barn and as they bounded away, Alex laughed and laughed. If he hadn’t been strapped into his wagon, he would have tried to run after them.

Dinner is at Rails Cafe in Kerrville; and their Italian style food is done very well. We enjoy creamy penne with chicken and artichoke chicken alfredo. Alex works the room, charming the next table over with waves and blown kisses. Dinner has to end sooner than anyone would like because of a certain toddler’s bedtime, combined with a long day at the wheel of the RV.


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